ÖWF Serenity Space Suite

With the completely new development of the Mars suit and its multitude of components and tasks, it is only logical and important to pay close attention to the right design. Since the first second of the new development, BKDS has been working intensively on the design of the suit, in interaction with the individual technical departments. Tasks such as function, operation, semantics, arrangement of the components, freedom from maintenance as well as enabling small repairs of the astronauts themselves are topics that are important here. All these fields must harmonize perfectly with each other and be harmonized by the correct Industrial Design. The big goal here is to combine these fields so that the Mars suit prototype is simple and self-explanatory to use and the astronaut’s work as easy as possible. The psychological aspect is equally important here. The astronaut should not be allowed to think about, but should be able to act intuitively with the suit. The appearance of the suit should give the astronaut security and support him in situations where fast and safe action is required through his targeted and strategically correct, intelligent design. Design user interfaces in such a way that they can be operated as intuitively as possible in order to rule out misuse in an emergency in which rapid action is required. A task that seems to be obvious, but which can have very unpleasant consequences if it is not implemented sufficiently.

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